Sunki is for the modern gal (or guy!) out to make a change.

We believe in fashion choices that allow you to move with ease and live life like you’re the main character in a movie.

We also believe that you can’t empower anyone without first empowering the world you live in. One organic tee won’t turn you into some earth warrior, but every little lifestyle change counts.

Whether you’re a veteran vegan, an imperfect environmentalist trying to purchase more mindfully, or just someone who’s tired of run-of-the-mill fast fashion, there’s a Sunki piece for YOU.

100% W.O.C.-owned - OEKOTEX®-certified fabrics - Transparent and fair pricing - Guaranteed living wages


Look, we hate “sustainable fashion” as a buzz word too. We’ve got a long way to go before we can count ourselves as fully sustainable, but here are some steps we currently practice to minimize our environmental impact.

More than a living. 💼
Sweatshops are a thing of the past, and bare minimum is far from enough. Our partner seamstresses earn up to six times the national minimum wage.

🌱 Responsible Supply.
All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX®-certified. We've also got recyclable buttons! Compostable packaging! Paper tags you can throw in your garden and will grow into a vegetable!

Partners for Planet. 🌏
We constantly collaborate with minority-focused and environmental organizations (like Pawssion Project and Hayag PH), and pledge a portion of our sales.

🌿 Platform for Change.
We like our clothes like we like our political opinions: not neutral. We want to use our platform to shed light on social and environmental issues that affect fashion too.