Friday Shirt

Friday Shirt

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You know those days when you’ve got your whole closet on the floor and still think you’ve got nothing to wear? Everything’s too hot. Too flashy. Too casual. Well, this shirt is the baby bear of choices. It’s just… right. This shirt’s like your own Girl Friday — reliable and great with everything.

Best paired with the ‘Schedule my Meeting’ Pants, those boyfriend jeans you got from your actual boyfriend, or a maxi skirt for a nice contrast.


Loose and boxy fit, so it’s more elevated than your usual tee. Deep v-neckline on the front and back. Strap detail at the back for added support.

True to size, but feel free to size up for an even boxier look.

P.S. Gabby wears the Friday Shirt in Rust (M) and Kara wears a Navy (XS).


55% Linen and 45% Cotton (Navy & Rust), 100% Linen (Off-white)

Linen requires far less water during production, using about 6.4 liters throughout its lifecycle compared to a regular 100% cotton shirt’s consumption of 2,700 liters. Our fabric is also #OEKOTEX®-certified, which means they’re guaranteed free from nasty chemicals and manufactured under ethical working conditions.

While this garment does contain a mix of cotton, ours is organic. Yep, cotton is notorious for a lot of crimes against the environment. But since ours is produced naturally and with no pesticides and chemicals, it’s much less harmful to the environment. Now wipe that sweat off your forehead.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives


Wash in cold or lukewarm water. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry instead because it’ll extend the life of your Sunki piece and it consumes less energy. For creases, iron on lowest heat or steam. 

When in doubt, ask your mom. She’ll know what to do with it.